In 2019, Camille Pichon, François Delporte, Julien Simon and Boris Duda joined forces to found Rocambole, the first platform for 100% original reading series. It allows unlimited reading, on any medium, of series in 5-minute episodes.

Yes, you can read series too! In one click, you can access hundreds of exclusive stories, worlds and imaginary worlds to escape from everyday life!

“Netflix of reading” or revival of the serial novel, Rocambole invents a new form of publishing while remaining faithful to the French literary heritage. The aim is to help the French to get back on the path of reading, but also to reconnect with their imagination in a snap … and to disconnect a little from social networks too. Rocambole is also aimed at those who don’t have the time and can now read short episodes during a trip or while waiting for the subway.

More than a 100 original literary series, from thriller to romance, history and SF or non-fiction are now available on the application. A library you can take everywhere with you.

Among its most widely read series, Rocambole counts Invisible. It follows the descent into hell of Mathilde, a banker for VIPs playing the role of a justice lady by revealing the secrets of celebrities on the Internet. The application is meant to be trendy. The release of The Queen of the Game, a series about Judit Polgár, the queen of chess, responds to the incredible success of Netflix’s The Queen’s Gambit.

In 2020, the founders of Rocambole propose to Serge Hayat to partner with them to make it a major player in digital entertainment.

In 2021, the company prepares a series A fund-raising to accelerate its development in France and abroad.


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