L’Empire En Héritage

Allary Editions (2015) - Editions Pocket (2016)

What if François, son of Napoleon I and the grandson of Austria’s Emperor, had freed himself from the supervision of his family and tried to conquer the throne of France?

In this novel filled with adventures, “l’Aiglon” undertakes an imaginary initiatory journey. He flees from his gilded prison of Vienna and gains Paris. Despite facing obstacles from his mother, Marie-Louise, his cousin, Napoleon III, Talleyrand, Metternich, and innumerable courtesans and seductresses, this teenager fights to find a meaning to his life.

With a very cinematographic writing, coupled with a meticulous restitution of the historical context, Serge Hayat invents a hectic destiny to one of the most famous heirs and transforms this search for a father into an epopee.

L’empire en héritage is currently being adapted for the screen. The feature film, produced by David Gauquié (Cinefrance Studios), will be directed by Sylvie Verheyde (Stella est amoureuse, Confession d’un enfant du siècle, …).


Reader’s choice AWARD from the magazine “Notre Temps”
« An incredible journey following Napoleon’s footsteps. » RTL
« Such an achieved novel on the tragic destiny of “l’Aiglon”. » Le Figaro
« Flabbergasting ! A novel that you can’t put down. » France Bleu

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