L’entreprise : un acteur clé de la société

Editions Autrement (2006)

Written by Philippe Hayat et Serge Hayat

Crafts, SME, multinationals… today in France more than 19 million workers are employed by 2.6 million companies. Companies are a reality impossible to circumvent, an essential component of economic and social fabric. However, they remain ignored. French people have a fuzzy and sometimes negative perception of them, forgetting the determining role that companies play in the savings and more generally the life of a country. This book is an invitation to discover, without prejudice, companies in their reality and their diversity: how a company works; how it is created and how it survives; what the different actors are – internal and external; where does each employee fit within the company; what is the role of a company in a country’s life… Through 20 clear, enthralling and fully illustrated chapters (maps, graphs, photographs …) this book introduces the reader to a concrete, global and synthetic vision of companies: their essentials, values, actors, operating processes and this, no matter their size – SME or multinationals – or their branch of activity. This book will allow the reader – especially teenagers about to enter the working life, teachers and families – to discover or acquire a better understanding of a reality impacting them all.